About us

Dear visitors, we are pleased to welcome you to our cosy boarding house. We aim to fulfil all of your wishes due to our offered services of the highest quality and at the same time with keeping a hearty and generous atmosphere that is so typical of a local region called Slovacko. Our village Mikulcice, in the past the famous capital city of Slavic Great Moravia, has changed over time into the remarkable place with an irreplaceable cultural heritage. The region is surrounded by enchanting vineyards and interlaced with its rich history, folklore and characteristic gastronomy.

Except of the boarding house there is another part of our family firm – Bartonik Winery. Right here you experience not only wine tasting, but also interesting narration of wine birth, its formation and features. Refreshment and hospitality is a matter of course.

We wish you a pleasant and relaxing stay.